Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming eBook

My goal is to present you the most efficient way to be neutral, stable and mobile to the putter. When you achieve this, the putter can swing as it was designed and return to square at impact with no conscious effort. You are then free to putt your best, as there is no anxiety about mechanics or results.

To elaborate on the above statement, here is what neutral looks like:

My posture is good, my arms naturally meet in the middle of my body, and all my limbs are parallel to my target line. From here, my inverted triangle of hands, arms and shoulders can move in a natural sequence back, return to square and then through. The integrity of the triangle is never compromised.

Here is how a putter is designed. The shaft goes in at an angle (around 70 degrees) and the balance point is down near the head. The putter head is a weight on a stick, so to speak.

Removing opinion from the equation, physics would then dictate that the putter would travel on an arc. The head would also swing up on the back swing, where natural momentum or gravity would then bring it back down and through. This matches what my hands do within the inverted triangle. This is a stroke free of manipulation.

Face rotation is based on how the putter head is weighted. Whether the toe hangs straight down, partially down or is face balanced is almost inconsequential, when you are neutral and let it swing.

It can be that simple. Opinions of what you should do when you putt, like keep the putter low throughout the stroke or take it straight back and through are merely just opinions. Can they work? Sure. Do they require effort, manipulation, tension and timing? Absolutely. This eBook will present you the fundamentals of a proper, neutral set up. Along the way, I will challenge some of the long held conventional wisdom’s of grip, posture, ball position and alignment. Finally, I will help you craft your own pre-putt routine, from how you walk into the ball to the time you let it go.